Saturday, March 30, 2013


So many different wildflowers are blooming right now everywhere. I could fill several posts with my husbands photos of flowers all over Israel. The colors have jumped from the wheel, the basic ones, red, blue, yellow in their shades and hues, and pink and purple, light and transparent, dark and opaque. And white, oh yes, bridal white everywhere. Most of the year the colors here are more of the dry kind, brown, beige etc - the hills and valleys are green only in spring for a relatively short period, then the heat starts to burn everything up and there will be no rain at all for many months.

The Galilee and the Golan Heights too are fully dressed in spring outfits, and yesterday we went for an inspection. Because it is Passover week, the children are on vacation and many parents took leave of work, so families are going for outings in the thousands. Israelis love nature hikes and walks, and barbeques under the sky. To avoid the big crowd we started out with the early morning sun - seven o.clock saw us already on the highway. It takes us about two and a half hours from central Israel, where we live, to reach the far north - well, if we drive through, what we never do, because there are always stops to admire and photograph the many different flowers, views and vistas, and of course for a picnic on the way.

After having been greeted by these lovely fellows during a short walk, we arrived at the foot of the Hermon at midday. This time the most outstanding scene was presented by the celebration of the blue/white veronica syriaca, ורוניקה סורית, the Syrian Speedwell. It covered endless grounds. What a sight! It was just unbelievably beautiful - a whole blue valley, the Man Valley (עמק מאן) primed with millions of sweet faced little flowers!

The land which gave this flower its name is only a few kilometers away. In the following picture we look over fruit tree orchards and a compound of the UN to Syrian villages on the horizon. I wish there would be peace...

Please zoom in... 
All photographs by Uri Eshkar.


Irmi said...

Yael, das nenn ich Frühling.
Wundervolle Farben .
Und die Esel gefallen mir ausnehmen gut.
Liebe Grüße

Bob Bushell said...

So beautiful flowers and the Asses, they are funny.

Annuk said...

I can only say... OOOOH and AAAAH!!!!
I am so longing for spring and its colors, this year we have to be very patient here... Thank you for the colors, the light, the beauty!
Hugs, dear Yael!

Friko said...

Yes, I am with you: I wish there would be peace.

These veronicas are so beautiful, how can there not be peace in the face of so much splendour.

May your Passover week be a peaceful and happy one.

Smultron said...

Hej Yael,
gäbe es nur die Hälfte an Blumen jetzt, ganz plötzlich, hier in Schweden, die Menschen
könnten ihr Glück nicht fassen.
Mit wie wenig, doch der Mensch auskommen könnte. Warum lässt er die Chance dazu verstreichen?.

Blumen, Stoff gewordenes Licht.


Hilde said...

So beautiful, Yael, I'm speachless!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Here I am in freezing Southern Germany, seeing all that beauty springing from the ground! What a lovely place you live, Yael, and through your words and Uri's photos I can well imagine this beautiful land!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Beautiful scenery. I am wishing for peace as well.

TarracoStyle said...

ya echaba de menos tus flores.
mil besos

356 Tage said...

Wie ich dich beneide um diesen wunderschönen Frühling. Bei uns in Bayern tut sich noch nicht viel.