Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is the title of a Japanese blog. It belongs to Yoko from Nara, a beautiful city in the south of Japan, a place full of very energetic ancient history, surrounded by smooth hills, full of old temples, of gardens and parks with ponds, trees, birds, flowers and deer - a place which survived in its grace from the past and keeps it - and the best cherry blossom viewing point in Japan.

Yoko's blog is a marvel and a treasure! Her photographs are all masterpieces with that so typical and impossible to copy sense of artistic creativity full of honor to the subject, to be found among the Japanese people. She has the ability to capture nature in all its glory with her lenses.

Sometimes her photos look like paintings. She covers the seasons with charm and she always compliments her pictures with the stories belonging to them.
This is her last post of the year and she is preparing with golden joy for the holidays and for the New Year!
All the best to you Yoko san - thank you for your marvelous photos, your words and your efforts! May the next year bring you again the pleasure you find in nature and life! We will welcome you back gladly!

Please have a look and wander around, you will be awarded! :-)


Rosemary said...

I came to have a look from Yoko's post. You have paid her a beautiful and generous compliment. As you mention her photos sometimes look like paintings, and the one you have shown is particularly lovely with the tree trunks and the gold leaves reflected in the water.

stardust said...

Wow, Yael, I never imagined this when you wrote you’d like to share my post: I just thought you’d incorporate my images into your post. Many, many thanks for all your compliments (and rosemary, too). I’m so happy when I can share the things I love and I was moved a lot with you and readers. Every day, place, and thing is full of wonder and mystery of this universe – I think I share this with my like-minded blog friends. I don’t think I’m skillful in photography and every time I struggle how to convey my emotion and thoughts in English language. Anyway, I’ve kept posting helped by nature’s beauty itself and supportive Friends like you.

By the way, to read the first paragraph, I felt as if you had visited Nara in person. :-)


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael--what a great new site to explore! I forgot to mention that the flowers from the earlier post are gorgeous--your site is one I just love to visit! XO

Bob Bushell said...

Nice of you to go hunting out another blog, and yes, it does look like a painting, cheers Yael.

Sacramento Amate said...

Beautiful indeed. I am off to have a good look.
Thank you for sharing Yael.

Lisa said...

truly a wonderful wander .. beauty lifts the soul & makes our hearts sing ♦♦ hope you are having a most wonderful day!

Introverted Art said...

wow, amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I love to find new, creative people out there.