Friday, December 7, 2012


Oh! Do you really have to go?
No, please don't leave me
all alone! Now you are
tying me up to the post
with a rope? Please leave
it long so I can roam!

A whole weekend you will
be away?
The food you have left 

will only last one day!
Water in my small bowl
is not enough, a bucketful
is a must.

What if it starts to rain?
I am sure you will keep
nice and warm 

while I am left to shiver!
Don't you care? Am I
such a bother?

I don't ask for much,
except that you take
care of me before you
go away.
After all you tell me
I am man's best friend!
What I don't understand is:
Who is mine?? 

 Poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas

Have a great weekend and please do take care of your animals!

(This is Seppl - made from decorator fabric and silk, embellished with leather appliques, he is from snout to tail 23"/60cm long. He already found a lovely home!)


Misfits Vintage said...

He is absolutely gorgeous - you are so clever, Yael! Sarah xxx

Annuk said...

He is adorable!!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend, Yael! :)

zsazsazsu said...

he is sooooooooo cute !

Lisa said...

ooo ... my heart is aching .. wonderfully written poem .. but it is so sad because that happens too often. I am going to pass that poem on to the local shelter .. I hope you don't mind.

Your little doggy is tooo cute. I bet he is a great little lap dog!

Senna said...

Hello :),

what for a wonderful and funny work. The ears are great made like the back of the dackel :)

Warm regards Senna

Ruostevilla said...

Would you believe this, today at my work at the airport a family travelling with their dog wanted to leave the dog behind as it did not arrive on time to be loaded at the cargo hold. They would have flown to America not knowing where the dog was! Of course we did not allow that and delayed the flight to get the dog onboard. So so sad...
But I love also your second puppy!