Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I started blogging two years ago, my first post appeared on the 15th of February 2010. And I can almost not believe that one short of one hundred people checked in, liked what they found, and pressed the "Follower" button. About fifteen of them leave me lovely comments on a regular basis about almost each post I write. I made some wonderful blogger friends all over the world, Italy, Norway, Belgium, England (hi Bob), South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, France, Florida, California, Germany (hallo Irmi) etc. and at least four of them became very good friends for real. One of them I already met in person, which was absolutely wonderful. I send hugs and kisses to North and South Germany, to Norway and to New York several times a week in my thoughts or in an e-mail.

Why did I start blogging? Actually my friend Rosie, who lives some streets away from me was nagging me for some time: "Why don't you start a blog, you have to start blogging, it suits you", because she liked the stories I told her about our outings and hikes, and she loved my husbands beautiful photos. So one day I said yes - and she helped me to start. Thank you Rosie, you did know something, that I had not realized, that I would LOVE blogging!

So what is it about? English is not my mother language, so blogging is a very good exercise and practice. I love my country, the land of Israel, and my husband taught me many of its wonders and properties - nature, history, antique places and archeological excavations. I cherish my visits to the markets, shuks and little shops, and adore the people of many different origins who live around me. We are out and around a lot, from the desert in the South, till to the Golan Heights in the North, from the sea to the hills, and I like to tell about it. I love Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Haifa too, a day spent in those cities always makes me happy. I write about our animals, the dog, three cats. I write about family, about my grandchildren. I give even a recipe here and there. Yes, why not? I always like to try out recipes I find in other blogs!

My blog is free of discussions of politic and religion. I respect and sometimes admire other peoples opinions, but I don't make them necessarily my own. I choose my words carefully and write with kindness and good manners. I try to be not too private and I think about what will be of common interest. I love to show my husbands wildflower and other photographs, and to comment them. And I am glad to leave a little legacy. I hope, once when I am gone, my grandchildren will still look into this blog sometimes and remember their grandmother, discover unknown things and learn about many subjects. My blog is not fancy, it is simple and down to life. I am not a complicated and philosophical person and also not very spiritual, I see things mostly as they are, and that is the way I write about them. I am very much influenced and blessed by nature, a day or two out under the sky can be quite healing for me. I am thankful for many good things in my life.

I found some wonderful blogs I love, and I leave comments, because I like what I read. I enjoy all the comments I get (except those who are commercial or those who demand I comment and follow back - I want this to be my own decision). I am, like everyone else, fond of good feedback and a clap on the shoulder. I have friends who don't comment on my blog, but call me or write me an e-mail when they loved some special post. I thank all of you for liking my blog! :-)

And thank you Rosie for being persistent till I did what you wanted me to do - blogging!

And I thank my husband, because, as I have already said a few times, without his wonderful photos my blog would certainly not be the same!


Jutta said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe Yael, zu Deinem zweijährigen Bloggerdasein. Mach weiter so. Dein Blog gefällt mir sehr und ich komme Dich auch gern besuchen, auch wenn ich leider mit dem Englischen immer meine Probleme habe.

Liebe Grüße

Terri said...

Except for a few, unusual wording twists, I wouldn't know that English is not your native language... You write wonderfully. I love the pictures, too, especially of the flowers. You know all the pictures we see of your country are quite bleak; makes it hard to believe there are flowers there at all. You have given the world a gift.

Bob Bushell said...

Long may you live, and blogging is for everyone. I don't speak well, but, at least I can give a photo or two.
Your blog is marvelous, keep at it.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, I visit your site daily, and I just want to say it's one of the loveliest places to be in cyberspace. CONGRATULATIONS! Your prose is just what I need over a hot drink to make my world a little bit more special, to make life a little finer......and thank you Rosie for putting the idea in Yael's head, and thank Uri for taking such splendid pictures--XOXOXO

Eva said...

Yes, as Bob says: Blogging is for everyone. It is the medium which we can reach without showing our passports at the entrance and reveal voluntarily what we want others to know.
Yael, I love your blog because it builds me up. The beautiful things you show, things you create and flowers, landscapes, people, archeological sites... Yes, it is such a pleasure to look at and read. I agree with you that it makes sense to exclude issues which might create dissense. We can all agree on the beauty of these small tulips in your Friday posting. The internet is a wonderful way to connect people of good will -- and this again may become political in a good sense! If we remember that good behaviour is a sign of respect for the person we communicate with, we can communicate with just about anyone. It took me long to learn that.
There are limits to a realm of happyness in this world, and the issues you'd rather keep out sometimes flood into our lives. Maybe it is not a matter of words or issues, but it depends on our attitude if we can dwel in paradise while we have to deal with the darker sides of life. Is it possible to keep problems out of our world? Some say how can I be happy on my own? Maybe for some time -- but on the long run, we cannot do without others. I'm happy to have met you on the net.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a very thoughtful post. Your blog is exactly as you think of it. I found you recently and look forward to reading your thoughts, about your travels, about your wonderful countryside and flowers. I too have met many bloggers around the world and I am interested to read how life is different, yet the same in other countries. Yes, Rosie was right. Blogging DOES suit you.
xx, Carol in Northern Indiana, USA

Sheva said...

A blessing on Rosie's head, for many reasons, but also for bringing us YOU. Your blog is a constant bright spot in my life. One of the most precious things that it accomplishes is that it gives us a glimpse of the world through the lens of your eye. Your perspective is honest and pure. I have long held that you bring goodness to the world just by being. You actively add it through this blog. I, for one, am enriched. Thank you. Thank Rosie, Thank Uri!

glazedOver said...

Oh GOODNESS! I was signed in as Sheva and published that last comment in her name. But it is my sentiment that I wrote there. Sorry to muddle up the comment viewer. (oops!)

wanda miller said...

YAEL, it is no surprise that you have this many followers. you always have so much to offer, and are what i call, a "straight up person"! we love you and hope you never quit!! xo p.s. and your husbands photos are loved and appreciated by us as well!!

Debbie said...

Hello Yael-I second what Terri said! Could'nt have put it better myself! And i think I just made myself your 100th follower!! XXDebbie

Smilla said...

Ich freue mich, dass ich dich und deinen Blog entdeckt habe... in dieser unendlich weiten Welt ist das ja ein Zufall, oder?
Mit ♥-lichen Grüssen und auf ein heiteres Weiter so!
Bis bälder bisous Brigitte

Zaunwinde said...

Hallo Yael, über Umwege habe ich zu deinem Blog gefunden, denn über dein Icon konnte ich dich leider nicht finden weil der Name deine Blogs nicht in deinem Profil aufgeführt ist.
Wie wunderschön die Storchenbilder sind!
Bei uns in Franken sind sie erst die Tage angekommen, heute habe ich über ihre Ankunft in der Tageszeitung gelesen.
Die Tulpenbilder sind ja prächtig, so eine Üppigkeit, über die man sich jedes Jahr aufs Neue freuen kann.
Ich wünsche dir schöne Tag und grüße recht herzlich, Zaunwinde

stardust said...

I’m also grateful to Rosie, too. Without this blog, I wouldn't have encountered with you and your husband. I like to read your English writing with comfortable flow, sometimes non-native speaker’s English is easier for me to understand. Keep up the good collaborative post with Uri.


ATACADAS said...

Hi! I am your follower number 101! Congratulation
Love your blog, please follow me too
Thanks and kisses from spain

Anonymous said...

יעל, יעל יעל ... כל כך ריגשת אותי ושימחת אותי. זו הזדמנות בשבילי לומר לך כמה אני שמחה שהבלוג הזה הקיים. מפני שאת שגרירה נהדרת לטבע ולארץ הנהדרת שלנו, כי הבלוג ממלא את חייך ומהווה ערוץ נהדר להכיר אנשים טובים מכל העולם, כי ככה כל העולם יכול להנות מהסיפורים המקסימים שלך, מהצילומים של אורי ומעוד אנקטודות שאת מפזרת לנו בדרך. אוהבת אותך ושמחה שנכנסת לנו לחיים.



I am so honoured to be amongst your followers, and now, friends.

zsazsazsu said...

thank you for broading our view on the world, to learn other habbits, cultures and see other nature.
Thank you for sharing all this !

Red Rose. said...


I am so pleased to share our different cultures, and grateful for new technology! Who expected that the world would become so small because of the internet!

I always like your posts and photos taken by your husband!I know you live in Israel. However,I have been wondering whether you are a native English speaker or not since I found your blog a couple months ago! Because, for me, your written English seems to be fluent!
My blog was initially started as a way to submit my homework at English class held by our local university that I attended for 6 months.I practice English too,but.....difficult...!!

Thank you for your kind comment on my posts.
Have a great weekend!

Annuk said...

Dear Yael, I am SO SO SO happy that you took that decision to have a blog! Your blog is a ray of sunshine and a beloved read, I always feel so happy when I can travel with you through the wonderful land of Israel... its stories, its people, its nature, its landscapes, the amazing flowers you give us as presents even on the coldest winter days... and your beautiful thoughts, full of your love for Life and its neverending wonders.
Thank you for this lovely, sunny place! I love coming back again and again!
And I'm always so happy to read your beautiful comments on my blog (thank you!) and for the beautiful finds you share by email! :)
Thank you for your friendship!!!!!!

Annuk said...

Oh, and thank you Rosie and Uri! :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Yael. I don't know how you found me, but thank you for doing so, so that I could find you. I love your husband's beautiful photography and your lovely gentle way.

Sarah xxx