Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TARA River and Gorge - MONTENEGRO

The beauty of this small Balkan country is so diverse and overwhelming that I need two or three more blog posts to describe it fully and thoroughly in order to let you enter into its magic. Today you can visit with me the Tara river, and its gorge, which at some areas seems to be bottomless. As a matter of fact the ravine is more than 1300 meters deep at its lowest part and  is about 80 km long. Only the Grand Canyon in the United States is larger.
The Tara canyon is part of the Durmitor National Park and recognized by UNESCO as world heritage.
Sparkling silky blue water shines up from the river to the road, over jagged rocks and cliffs and forested high mountains.
The scenery of this landscape is stunning, magnificent is even a better word. At some places the road descends, and it is possible to climb down to pebbled beaches and see the image of your face mirrored in the crystal clear water.
The vegetation is rich in diversities and so green, wow, so green, many different hues and shades of green!!! And now at this time of the year the autumn colors kick in, adding another wonderful embellishment!
This is the Durdevica Tara bridge, it is 365 m long and has five beautiful arches. This very impressive bridge  was built more than 70 years ago and has an interesting history which can be found here:

The Tara River and its canyon are one of the many treasures of this incomparably beautiful country, which is so worth a visit and a vacation!

All photos by Uri Eshkar.


Bob Bushell said...

That is an outstanding river, and, there must be plenty of Raptors amongst nature in there.

zsazsazsu said...

Now I know where hotel Tara got it's name ! Gorgeours pictures !