Saturday, October 22, 2011


Have a nice Sunday!


Bob Bushell said...

Ah, you can hear it, lovely.

Irmi said...

Yael, eine wunderschöne Blüte. Farben und Gestaltung - das bringt nur die Natur hervor.
Einen lieben Sonntagsgruß

Hilde said...

Stunningly beautiful! Love the photo :)

Have a nice Sunday, Yael :)

Annuk said...

Flowers everywhere! :)
Have a beautiful Sunday too, dear Yael!
Thank you for your sweet comment and the lovely link to Irmi's blog!

Eva said...

Einen schönen Tag auch für Dich -- und Dank für Deine neuesten Kommentare!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I've never seen one with so many petals--it's perfect, like today!

Have a beautiful Sunday, Yael! :-)

wanda miller said...

oh how you make me smile and giggle dear yael (per comments on my blog.
PERFECTION IS PERFECT MADAME! a lovely sunday to you as well....XOXO