Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When I was a young girl I once saw pictures of a wonderland of turquoise and white formations in a magazine and was overwhelmed by its beauty and magic. Fifty years later I was lucky to visit there with my husband while on vacation in Lykia Turkey.
Pamukale is a word in Turkish and means pamuk for cotton and kale for castle - Cotton Castle. And the place really looks like a beautiful wondrous snow white fairy castle.

This fabulous and unique cotton castle paradise is located near the town Denizli in the southwest of Turkey.
The water of hot springs, rich in carbonate minerals form travertine limestone terraces. The dazzling white petrified cascades contain basins with turquoise colored water and stalactite walls of sheer beauty. It is allowed to wade barefoot in the pools, and it is a pleasure to do so, the water is warm and soft, and as an extra benefit full of healthy minerals.

The Romans knew that already and dwelt there. The impressive ruins of the nearby ancient city Hierapolis provide testimony of it. Hierapolis, with its necropolis, temples, theater and luxurious baths, is by itself a very interesting and astonishing site to visit, maybe I will tell about it in another post.

Photos by Uri Eshkar.


faxi said...

mom i love you, you are amazing and your blogs shows a tiny tiny sparkle from your light!

Smilla said...

Oh da steigen mich doch gleich auch lustige und schöne Erinnerungen hoch... war vor etwa 20 Jahren einmal dort!!
Beine Bilder, oder die deines Mannes, sind traumhaft!!
Wünsche dir einen wunderbaren Tag
♥-lich Brigitte

zsazsazsu said...

It's still one of the most sold excursion to our clients here !

Yael said...

Son, you are pretty amazing by yourself and my love for you is as big as the moon and the sun!

And this cotton castle - go and see for yourself! Play your music there!

Nishika! Ve Chibuk!

Hilde said...

What a fascinating and beautiful place! It looks like a glacier. Astonishing colors.

Have a wonderful day, Yael :)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I hope to see it one day--it is beautiful!

Clare said...

Absolutely beautiful - what a wonderful rejuvenating place to visit. The colours are spectacular.

Annuk said...

OH MY, I have been dreaming about this place for so long!!!!!!!! Thank you for taking me there, Yael!!! :)

PS: You and your family are a precious light that lightens the world of those who happen to cross your paths!