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Bezirgan is a beautiful authentic little farming village, high above Kalkan in Lykia, looking pretty much like a hundred years ago, presenting itself with charming weathered houses, and pretty gardens fenced with wooden sticks, surrounded by fertile fields and views on the mountains.
For quite a while I wanted to write about Owlsland in Bezirgan, where we stayed for some days during a vacation in Turkey. This magical rural place provided us with one of the most romantic and relaxing holiday times we experienced. 
Owlsland, created by Erol and his Scottish wife Pauline, who skilfully transformed the 150 year old family farmhouse into a simple, but utterly enjoyable place of escape from rustling and bustling life. We loved our rustic room with the big veranda, where we would relax in the fresh air, after evening walks around the village, with a glass of wine under the stars, smelling the huge fig tree beneath. 
A hearty breakfast in their lovely garden full of herbs and flowers was the perfect beginning of the day and in the evenings after we came home from exploring Kalkan, the sea, the mountains and the antique historical sites, we sat down to a marvelous traditional Turkish dinner, cooked masterly by Erol, so delicious it resulted in licking our fingers!
Hospitality is a great issue for the owners of Owlsland, they are warm, friendly and outgoing and always ready for a nice chat and eager to provide information.
Erol's old parents live on the other side of the yard of the guesthouse and they are always present, doing their daily chores of tending to the goats and chickens, always ready to smile.
If you want some quiet tranquil and peaceful days, in midst of lovely unspoilt nature, with good food and dear people around, with memorable hours in the garden, the yard and on the loft, with watching the animals and looking out for owls - then you should try Owlsland - the other Turkish pleasure, different and very lovely, where time stands still!
The old house with our guestroom upstairs.
The loft outside the room for relaxing, snoozing, reading, dreaming and just lazing around.
Erol's mother in the yard.
And his father.

Under the fig tree
The main house
Breakfast place.
The beautiful garden.
Cats and dogs are included!
Photographs by Uri Eshkar.

If you are interested just google Owlsland, Turkey.


zsazsazsu said...

a very very beautiful region ! I was on holiday in Kalkan and Kaç too ! Thanks for the tip !

Matteo Taffuri said...


Hilde said...

What a nice and relaxing place, and the garden is just beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Thanks for the tip, Yael.

Have a great new week :)

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
herrlich Fotos. Euer Domizil hat mir gut gefallen.Dort musste man sich ganz einfach wohlfühlen. Eine urssprüngliche, wilde Region.
Einen angenehmen Abend wünscht

Annuk said...

What a paradise!!!!!!!!
I could spend hours and hours reading, writing, creating or just daydreaming on those lovely benches... And that loft speaks directly to my dreamer's heart!
Thank you for sharing this little paradise, Yael!

Clare said...

It sounds amazing. I've heard that Turkey is a very interesting place to visit. Maybe one day ..... but it is fun reading about it for now.

Bob Bushell said...

A really nice post.

rachel awes said...

oh yael, you hold
the whole world in
your being & show us!

Erika Price said...

What a beautiful place!

art spirit said...

What a perfect place to relax! Love the goats and chickens and that old wooden door!
would love to hear more about the OWLS!

Unspoilt turkey holidays said...

Wow.. really cool place its awesome i like this type of places.

Villas in Kalkan said...

That is a very relaxing place... i would move to live there