Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Once upon a time there was a small house in the woods.

A man and a cat lived in the small house.

A cat, red and fat, and full of wisdom lived with the man in the small house.

Go and look for happiness, the fat red cat purred to the man, go to the mountain, the stream and the city, and look for happiness, the fat red cat said to the man.

A little man he was, shy and lonely, with a beautiful heart.

What is happiness, the little man asked.

You will know, the red fat cat said and closed its eyes.

The little man went out of the woods, he walked to the mountain, the stream and the city.

He met other men, and he met women and children.

He made friends and his loneliness was gone.

He wrote a letter to the red fat cat in the small house in the woods.

I found work and friends. I have money to buy a new shirt, to have a hair cut and a beer in the evening. 
Is this happiness?

The red fat cat wrote back to the little man. This is very good, but it is not happiness.

One day the little man crossed path with a little woman.

Her smile was shy like his and her hands were open.

The little man put his hands in her hands and his heart filled with love.

The fat red cat smiled when it opened another letter from the little man and read:

I found happiness.

It is called Love.


Hilde said...

Such a cosy quilt, Yael! Gorgeous colours, and the cat is very sweet. I like cats :)
It's a beautiful story, thanks for sharing!

rachel awes said...

oh my goodness, yael, your quilt is
delicious beside your love story!
i adore it all, madly. XOX

Yael said...

It is not really a "quilt", just a little picture made for the story! :-)
(38 cm x 29cm)

zsazsazsu said...

or a story made for the 'little gorgeous picture' ? Topclass !

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
ich habe mich doll anstrengen müssen, aber ich habe alles verstanden. eine hübsche Geschichte.
Liebe Abendgrüße sendet

Clare said...

Dear Yael what a beautiful sweet little story. Your quilt is stunning. It illustrates your story so well. I could see a little cloth book made up with this story and your quilt illustrations. Wonderful warm stuff for a cold winter day.

aurorafedora said...

lovely story! GORGEOUS art!!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a lovely story and equally lovely quilt!

Anonymous said...

How lovely- this made me smile inside and out, just beautiful :)