Thursday, July 21, 2011


Al pozzzo dei pazzi - c'era una pazza - che lavava le pezze
passo' un pazzo - vide la pazza - la bacio' -
e la daro' un regalo - la borsa dei pazze (per Grazia)

This is what I wanted to create? A bag for the jester's wife? Not really! But it turned out that way - this new design has to get altered a bit! Only after I sew it together with the lining and turned it inside out I saw how funny it looks. I put much effort, thought and work in that bag. Hm, the happy flow of creativity was blinding my focus on the design. But I think it looks nice anyway! Notice all those delicious details: flowers, vintage buttons, old lace, sweet butterflies, frank and frivolous ladies (there is an additional one, flirting on one of the inside pockets)!

This is the back, the pocket closes with Velcro.

I braided many different kinds of yarn, to make the strap and the tassels. One is fuzzy and gives another funny element. Zoom in, there are many lovely details.
Now, did I make you smile? Or laugh even? That's good!


pasita said...

la voglio!!!!!!!la voglio!!!!! la voglio!!!! è in vendita??????

zsazsazsu said...

yes indeed you made me smile !!!! Cute bag !

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, it would be the correct bag for Alice on Wonderland.
Nishika Tani

Yael said...

Pasita, E 'in vendita -
inviatemi una e-mail :-)

Clare said...

it is the most delightful bag and perfect just as it is! And yes, it made me laugh

Jutta said...

Liebe Yael,

Deine Tasche ist wunderschön. Gefällt mir sehr gut, besonders die Fransen unten.

Liebe Grüße

Hilde said...

I really like it, Yael, this certainly is a bag with a personality :) One for happy days and a cheerful mood. It made me smile :) Love the details!

pasita said...

Ciao Yael, sono Patrizia,sorella di Grazia, moglie di Joerg...sorella di Alberto. Alberto, che hai conosciuto lo scorso anno si trova ancora a Gerusalemme e resterà fino al 30 agosto. non so se nei suoi itinerari turistici ci sia anche la vostra città farò sapere così magari la borsa la potete dare a lui....intanto grazie.

rachel awes said...

i am WILD about this bag!!!!!!!
yael, i seriously lovelovelove it!!!!
inside & out! you are amazing at this!
happy dance! xox

Bernstein said...

Phantasie, Lebenslust und Lebensfreude pur mit einem Schuß Humor und viel guter Laune - das strahlt für mich Deine Tasche aus. Sie ist einfach großartig!!!
GlG Inbar

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, this is wonderful! And yes, I am smiling! I love to get blinded by creativity, and it's thte most fun way to create--I think. Your bag is marvelous!

wanda miller said...

can't take the smile off of MY face and oh these faces! this is so delightful and cunning. and i know exactly what you are talking about "as you are happily creating". yet seriously yael, this is a WHIMSICAL CREATION and stands on it's own, just marvelous! if you don't paint people, how did you do these women? they are so humorous and delightful. xoxo

aurorafedora said...

what a fun bag, yael! i love it!

glazedOver said...

I love this bag, Yael. It has such character. You made me more than just smile...I completely LOL'ed!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

This is an amazing bag! I love the wavy bottom. So unique. Love all the details as well. I am always so excited to see your new creations Yael!

Annuk said...

Oh my Goodness, Yael! I had missed this one... I am just plain speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I'm jealous of the lucky Italian lady who is going to be its happy owner! :)

art spirit said...

Such an amazing and beautiful little bag!
Such creativity and lovely work!