Thursday, November 4, 2010


Cotton, decorator fabric scraps, machine pieced, appliqued and quilted
61 cm x 81 cm


Eva said...

Very surrealistic! I wish I had some more informations on the meaning of this bird/angel/sculpture... I see the background much as a landscape.

Yael said...

She is proud, she is fertile, she is strong, she doesn't budge! She is beautiful and headstrong. She does what has to be done - always! She is optimistic and unique! In her opinion her world is wonderful! She sees the marvelous things around her, the big ones and the small ones, even the tiniest ones - every day! She gives in to sadness and cries! She gets up - head high! She never gives up!
She does not forget her past, lives in the present, is curious about the future!
She lives in each woman!

glazedOver said...

Oh, so poignant, so well well stated and such an intriguing abstraction. It is fascinating to me that your work is absent of language yet is nevertheless so full of words.

Smithy said...

I wish I was more like this woman you write about, Yael! I love the form and colours in this are so clever and know just where you're headed.

Hilde said...

An interesting quilt, Yael. Studying it makes you think, and ask questions.
To me it looks feminin. Soft, strong and sharp at the same time.


2 B's World said...

Sehr außergewöhnlich und ganz toll!
Dein Gefühl für Formen und Farben ist einfach fantastisch. Das Ergebnis ist immer sehr ausdrucksstark und läßt jedem Betrachter die Freiheit, es für sich zu interpretieren. Dein Bild zeigt jedem das selbe Motiv und doch sieht nicht jeder das Gleiche darin.

Liebe Grüße von 2 B's

Bernstein said...

Einfach nur Wow!!! Du hast das Wesen ja schon sooo treffend beschrieben. Ich denke aber, dass Du vergessen hast ihre fruchtbare und mütterliche Seite zu erwähnen. Für mich sieht sie glücklich, sorglos, lässig und freudig schwanger aus.
Ich werde mich auf Die Suche in mir nach ihr machen.
Nachdenkliche und beeindruckte Grüße

rachel awes said...

yael, this post is soulfood for me.
love your quilt. & i am eating your
comment of words in every woman as
nourishment. i needed this exact reminder
today. yes to it all. yes to she in you
& yes to she in me.
lots of love. xoxox

aurorafedora said...

way cool!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

This piece speaks to me, Yael--it is beautiful together with the landscape, the figure--I LOVE it, and treasure looking at it now! Thank you for showing us!!