Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Two weeks ago I found this gorgeous Bedouin dress at the flea market in Yafo. It was quite well preserved, I could use most of the beautiful rose embroidery. 

Here are some of the items I made from it.

Bags in three different sizes, same light beige fabric and off white PU leather handles - summer bags.

Cell phone pocket on the back side for the two larger ones.

And some pouches. Pochettes, how Jacqueline from Lady J at the Hilton calls them. Of course, she is French! 

And here is the Red Queen!

She has real leather handles and a zipper pocket and cell phone pocket on the back side. The other bags have zippered pockets inside, and all the bags and pouches have additional small pockets with the same rose embroidery inside.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Stunning dress and work--you are so prolific Yael!

Tanja said...

I am so proud of you.

Susan Lenz said...

These bags are absolutely stunning! I'm sure they will sell quickly. Who wouldn't want to carry one? Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. I haven't quite decided how to pour epoxy over the comet. It is big but I'm thinking about the choreography of getting it covered in the sticky liquid, moved, and in a position to dry. I've got several weeks to figure it out! Thanks for asking!

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful dresses, so hippee-ist. And the bags, love them, but not for me, ha ha.

Tammie Lee said...

You truly honored that dress in a new and fantastic way!
Such beautiful and well made bags!

Tomoko said...

You have a great idea! Those brown back with the roses are beautiful and of course
the black and red ones too. The dress is so beautiful. I wonder who was wearing that elegant dress.
Have a good weekend.

stardust said...

Dear Yael - The Bedouin dresses is so beautiful. You gave it another life by incorporating parts of it into your bags with your talented skills.


christiene said...

Prachtige jurk heb je gemaakt,ook deze tassen met zomers rozen!
Een lust voor het oog, mooi werk!!!
groetjes Christiene.

Beautiful dress you made Yil, these bags also come with summer roses!
A lust for the eye, beautiful work !!!
Greetings christiene