Saturday, May 6, 2017

NEW MESSENGER BAGS with old Bedouin embroidery

I don't know why these used Bedouin dresses end up at the flea market in Yafo. I always wonder...

I go there and bargain and buy them. I am happy. I take them home, wash them thoroughly, and take them apart.

While doing so, I think about those women. I imagine them stitching, sitting in the sand maybe? 

The days are hot in the desert and the nights are cold. What is the woman thinking? Does she stitch her love and hopes into her embroidery? How does she choose her colors? And the pattern?  Is she working for herself? For her daughters to get married? 

I try to honor their labor. I treat the embroidery pieces I cut from the best preserved parts of the dresses with love. I transform them into another item of beauty.

 I make bags and adorn them with the colorful cross stitch embroidery of the Bedouin women of the Sinai and the Negev desert in the land of Israel.


Anonymous said...

יעל, את עושה חסד גדול לשמלות האלה. פשוט מדהים :)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

They are very striking, Yael, full of lore and at the same time modern, elegant, lovely.

Tammie Lee said...

Your bags are beautiful. So well made.
I love that you wonder at the woman who stitched the cloth, that you honor them with your heart, time and designs.
Those dresses... are amazing.

Hilary said...

Yael, your work is beautiful. Just stunning.. I'm so impressed. Also lovely are your photos in the previous post. Thanks for stopping by to comment so kindly. Much appreciated.

stardust said...

Dear Yael - Sewing your thoughts, respect, and love for the original creators into your handicrafts, you made the Bedouin embroidery shine again through all the variety of bags of tote bag, cross body bag, and messenger bag.