Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I never cease to admire the Bedouin embroidery, and I actually do not understand how these dresses end up at the flea market. Each time I can buy one makes for a happy day. I wash them and take them apart, and while doing so I think of the women who created them. 

The sewing of the dress itself is usually very dilettant, but the embroidery is almost always exquisite. I strive to turn the embroidered pieces I gain from the dresses into something equally beautiful to give them a new, long lasting life. These bags are large and roomy. They have a big zippered pocket with a pretty zipper pull on the back. A pocket, also embellished with embroidery is inside, together with a key swivel, which is so practical. The nice handles are PU leather. The bags close with a magnetic snap.


Bob Bushell said...

Oh yes, the Bedouin embroidery is beautiful, and those bags, fabulous Yael.

Susan Lenz said...

These are FABULOUS! It is wonderful to see how you are repurposing the gorgeous handwork into such fashionable hand bags! Love them!
PS Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

They really are so beautiful, and the woman who chooses one is choosing exquisite craftwomanship as well!

Tomoko said...

Those bags are wonderful,and I imagine those detailed embroidery must have been hard work! Happy day to you!

stardust said...

Dear Yael - Bedouin embroideries were given another life. I think even inanimate things have a life of their own infused by hands of elaborately work. Each and every bag is so lovely, but my favorite is the last one.


Tammie Lee said...

Wow, amazing to think of finding these for sale at a deal of a price.
You really know how to honor the embroidery and make it new.
Your bags are so attractive and well made. Bravo!!
Sweet week to you!

christiene said...

Yael, een mooi idee ,heb je om gezet in het maken van prachtige tassen!
oog strelend mooi!!
Mijn voorkeur gaat naar tas twee...........
lieve groet Christiene.

Yael, a nice idea, you have to put into making beautiful bags!
eye-watering nice !!
I prefer to bag two ...........
dear greeting Christiene.

Jeanie said...

Hi Yael -- these bags are incredible! The detail work is gorgeous. I am in awe of what you created (and that this dress was at resale? Wow!)

I also wanted to thank you for finding me on The Marmelade Gypsy and leaving such a lovely comment. Thanks so much for coming over!