Saturday, August 15, 2015

TIRAZ - Local Embroidery - Women - Memory - Identity

Today we visited the exhibition "Tiraz", of Palestinian embroidered costumes at the Islam Museum in Jerusalem. We encountered an elegant display of beauty, a show of silk and cotton thread in the tiniest of stitches on black and beige fabric. A parade of colors, shapes and textures waited for us to be admired.

The patterns of the dresses are quite simple. They are cut straight and cover the whole body, legs and arms. The front and back is usually constructed of three pieces sewn together. Often the embroidery goes right over the seams, not interrupting the design. The neckline is rectangle or v-shaped, with a heavy embroidered collar. Two lengths of fabric are attached to the sides to form the sleeves. Triangle sleeves provide a more decorative or festive look.

Fabric triangles are inserted to the lower sides of the dress for more comfort while walking and moving around. Coat-dresses are open at the front from the waist down, and trousers (shirwal) are worn under them.

The fabrics of the outfits consist of cotton and wool in black or dark blue, or natural linen. The patchwork was done with silk squares, and brocade and satin pieces, which maintain their brilliant hues to present time. The main color of the embroidery is red, and there is green and blue and yellow. The embroidery threads are of silk and cotton, and the work is mostly done in cross stitch of different patterns. Trees, stars, triangles, flowers, diamonds, birds, and more forms are depicted.

The costumes and wedding items presented in this exhibition are between sixty and hundred years old. The show is very tastefully arranged, with much skill and knowledge. The dresses and adornments were gathered with great passion over half a life time. The assembled items offer a fantastic insight to Arab Bedouin dress culture of the past in this part of the world, and unveil the artful creativity of these women, who passed their craft along to their daughters. 

We had a great morning with all this gorgeousness. Thanks to the collector and provider of the costumes, Manuel Kleidman, and to the curator of this beautiful exhibition, Rachel Hasson.


Bob Bushell said...

I love the way the Palestine women made such beauty, absolutely stunning Yael.

wanda miller said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS collection Yael. And to be able to pore over them! THANK YOU for the walk indeed! xo

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

A sublime moment, and thank you for taking us on this tour! :-)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful and colorful work, oh how I wish I could see everything in person. Lovely, just lovely

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for sharing what you saw with us.
i find this clothing to be gorgeous as can be!
loving all the details.

Tomoko said...

My eyes are drawn to those beautiful details Palestine women made. Admirable work!