Saturday, June 27, 2015


My husband is once again on work assignment in Australia, so this Shabatt was mine alone. It was a hot and humid summer day. I decided to stay home and find something enjoyable to do. For a long time I admire the fiber vessels and bowls many artists and craftists (why is there not a word like craftists???) create and for a while now I had it on my wish list to try it by myself.

So this morning I made two big balls of yarn cord, which is quite laborious and a bit hard on the hands with all the pulling through the machine cording foot. But the ropes turned out beautifully colored and textured, and I continued to the next level of my project.

As with everything done the first time, there is a learning process. I made the base with this one a bit too large. With this size of the bottom the bowl had to be much higher and I did not have enough cord for it. Never mind, I think it is still lovely.

I very much loved the second ball of cording. The yarns were white wool, beige and gray cotton, silver yarn with some texture, and a black knitting acrylic with a silver metal thread running along it. That made for a very pretty light hued and elegant looking rope. Here is the first bowl I made from it, which came out quite good and acceptable.

And this is my third creation, and with it I am very happy. It is as it should be and I just love it.
The scissors are from my mother's sewing case, they must be sixty or seventy years old.

I had a wonderful day, learned something new, was creative, ate watermelon, went twice with Ella for a walk, and did not miss my husband too much.

Now I will take a glass of wine, white wine, I love white wine, to the balcony and sit there talking to the moon till the mosquitoes get to me.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

You are amazing! These are as luscious as handsculpted clay vessels!

Bob Bushell said...

Amazing, fabulous, stunning Yael.

Magia da Inês said...

Belos trabalhos!!! Parabéns!!!

Ótimo domingo! Boa semana!
❤❤ه° ·.

Tanja said...

Jafe Meod!! :-)

Irmtraud Kesselring said...

Yael, das sind ganz wunderschöne Schalen. Ich weiss nicht,welche
ich bevorzugen würde. Deine Arbeit werden immer professioneller.
Einen guten Wochenstart wünscht dir

Loddelina said...

This looks like a lot of fun, Yael!

stardust said...

Dear Yael – You made the most of your time without husband so creatively. And what an accomplishment through learning! The antique scissors handed down from your mother is beautiful; it must be a product of a craftsman. Hope you avoided mosquitos’ bite at the night balcony. Don’t you use mosquito incense?

Again I found you were active on blogging during my absence. Since I babysit my daughter’s 2-year-old son half a month, I’m not at my laptop so often. I update my blog slow but steady, twice a month, and my visit is sporadic. Excuse me for that, but I always look forward to visiting you when I have time. Have happy time ahead.