Friday, May 1, 2015


Today we went to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, which is located near the corners of King George Street and Allenby Street. Shuk HaCarmel was established in the year 1920 by people of the nearby Yemenite neighborhood. Today it is the largest and most popular market in Tel Aviv, and a very fascinating place. It is made up of one long and narrow alley, with the stalls crammed close to each other on both sides.

One can find about anything there. Flowers and shoes,

fish, cheese, meat, and countless varieties of cured olives. 

Underwear, watches, soap, and every sort of legumes. 

Jeans, spices, halva.

Skirts, dresses, pants, socks and  clothes for children. Fresh pressed juices, coffee shops and Judaica. Natural nuts, and salted roasted nuts.

 Fruit and vegetables, only the freshest and best.

Bread, rolls, pastries and cookies. Dried fruit, every kind. Chocolate and candy,

and fresh roasted coffee. Falafel, kitchenware, nargilas and cigarettes. Bourekas and baklava, 

and not so legal Cd's and DVD's. Cosmetics, hats

and T-shirts. And Bags. Toys and cheap jewellery. Wine and Vodka and everything in between. Dead Sea products (real and fake) and perfume (probably only fake). 

The scents are rather smells, and, hm well, strong and overpowering. The noise is very loud. The vendors and stall owners outshout each other in praising their wares. The shuk is bustling with energy and very busy. It is overloaded with people - buyers and sellers and onlookers, especially on Friday mornings, which await Shabatt, the market is overcrowded.

There are many people, Tel Avivians and others who frequent this market on a regular basis to buy their food and other necessities there. The casual visitor and especially the tourist will experience a special flair which is truly Israeli and Middle Eastern in any aspect.  
I hope you enjoyed this tour with me. In my next post I will tell you and show you why we went there and what I bought. Till then, have a good time! :-)

Most of the photos this time are by me.


Jutta said...

Da ist ja mächtig was los, liebe Yael. Da würde ich ja gerne auch mal stöbern gehen.

Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

Liebe Grüße

wanda miller said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Yael! and I think I saw you in there with a crowd for sure!!! tee hee "where's waldo"

Bob Bushell said...

Wonderful market, it sells amost everything, I love it Yael.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What a sense experience, Yael. Lovely--would so love to smell and see everything.

Tammie Lee said...

wow, what a market
bursting with stuff and people and sounds and smells. your words and photos took me there.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What an amazing market! Wonderful pics Yael!

Friko said...

That is exactly the kind of market where I could spend days and linger over every stall, smell every smell and take a bite out of every kind of food on offer.

Nothing like it here in England, all is boring, smallish and understated.

stardust said...

Hello, Yael! Very interesting and exotic market in grand scale to feel and taste Israeli and Middle Eastern atmosphere and flavor. I’d like to stroll around as one of strangers with curious eyes in person.