Thursday, March 27, 2014

WHAT'S UP? :-)

 Acrylics on stretched canvas - 50cm x 50cm


Tomoko said...

Such a crisp and humorous work!If that painting is illustrated on notebook covers or pencil boards or back packs or masks and anything, it is joyful for people!! This is a sudden idea that came to me now! People use masks in winter and spring to protect from flue and hay fever.Many kinds of masks with illustrations are sold.They are much pretty than plain white masks.

Thank you for your comment on View Japan.My spring will be over soon!!
Have a good day!

Beate said...

Hallo Yael,
ein lustiges Bild ist das und erinnert mich an die Umtriebigkeit der Vögel im Frühling.


Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful, beautiful, they are precious, love your paintings.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, not only is this a beautiful painting, I'm struck by the movement and delicious colour-palette--you are masterful just like Bob is in his artwork. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Zorana said...

I love the graphic quality of black and the fresh palette you used on this painting! How precise, beautiful and fun!

Tammie Lee said...

so beautiful and fun
and full to overflowing with the spirit of life ~

thank you for your lovely comment ~

Mary Stanley said...

such fun little owls! love your painting..looks like you are having Fun!