Monday, December 30, 2013


I am listening to the silence lately and smiling at colors and talking to brushes. I am drawing graceful lines and shapes and I fill them with paint. 

I am tuned in to the songs and lures of paint bottles, and dwelling in marvelous names of hues: sage green, spa blue, desert turquoise, berry red, wild iris, wisteria, golden straw, slate grey, kings gold, harvest orange, royal violet. Aspen green, and meadow green, and old ivy. Bahama blue and dusty mauve, bay berry and belle blush, petunia purple, orange sherbet, petal pink and pebble brook. French blue, pool blue and parrot blue, laguna, Indian turquoise, Italian turquoise, baby blue, chestnut and toffee and English mustard, kiwi and citrus and many more - how could I resist? Rolling those words like candy and pralines on my tongue - royal violet, belle blush, wisteria - I pray to the white canvas and beg it to let me kindly cover it with the rainbow, and with smashing white and black sweet little highlights. 

Brand names like Americana, Apple Barrel, Folk Art sound like music and are very pleasing. I am swimming in a pool of happiness given to me by simple and readily obtainable and affordable ingredients, and the modest but lovely and humorous outcome of my efforts gives me satisfaction and causes me to feel good. 

How did I never pay attention to these tools till now? To the pens and markers, to the paints, the paper, the canvas, the brushes? How is it possible I never tried before to unlock their secrets and their bliss? Why was I always so afraid of them? Never mind that now, they are here now, I have discovered them, they are mine now! Yes! :-)


Standing in line

"An artist that can draw flies is probably an artist that stinks! LOL!" Skye Taylor
(I learned a lot from him, thank you Skye)


Eva said...

No surprise. I saw the talent. And I'm overwhelmed by this outbreak of color and whimsical beings in your paintings. I'm happy to see this! Because I knew: It was just this inhibition, this modest but hindering idea "I cannot draw or paint". I knew you could.

And I love color names, as you do. I enjoy them on color pencils. And when a company decide they will give up naming the colors, I won't buy these pencils any more (because they also help me to find the right pencil in weak light).

Sandra Triantafyllou said...

Delightful, enchanting and oh so inspiring!!! Thank you Yael for sharing these! You have an amazing imagination and these are just blossoming with creativity. I want to go and pray to my canvases now! ;)

Beate said...

Hej Yael,

aus dem Kleinen ganze Welten entstehen zu lassen, das schätze ich so an Dir.
Dieser Fähigkeit wohnt der Zauber inne.


wanda miller said...

who needs pills, who needs spills? Yael need the latter, yes, it does matter...oh splatter splatter, makes me want to scatter all the tool about!
so WONDERFUL these all are and that you have discovered the SECRETS; play, diving in, not drawing stinky flies, COLORS galore and even more. we are on fire as you continue to inspire...DIVE IN OUR FRIENDS, COLOR OUR WORLD and then TWIRL, with your heart and SHOWS YAEL! XO

Annuk said...

Enjoy your colorful, joyful journey in Light and Color, Yael!!!!!!!

Bob Bushell said...

Wow, your painting are different, but one of the best, fantastic Yael. Love it.

TarracoStyle said...

Feliz año nuevo artista!!!!

Friko said...

You have used every hue in your Farbenkaleidoskop and made a very harmonious whole of it. Bright and cheerful and fun!

(I bet if you could catch a fly and pin it down long enough, you could paint it too. And then let it fly off and frighten all the other flies.)

Viel Spass im Neuen Jahr!

Francesca Edesia said...

I am already following you but I haven't been around for ages. You are so creative and talented, I don't have a bit of imagination, I'm not artistic at all.

Happy New Year!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Your new paintings are amazing! They have so much energy and I love the vibrant colors.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

Lisa Zinza said...

I had a few minutes to myself ..a rarity anymore :o) .. and thought I'd com over for a visit .. you always have such wonderful energy!! I love your passion for life! .. even for describing the various colors brings them to life! You are an inspiration .. and a smile!

Smilla said...

Coucou du Multitalent
ich hoffe, dass du gut im neuen Jahr angekommen bist und lasse dir die ♥-lichsten Güsse da :-)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Your paintings look fantastic together!