Sunday, November 24, 2013


We spent our weekend at a friend's vacation apartment in Yaffo, high up in the clouds, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I made my plans clear to my husband quite in advance: roaming the flea market, walks on the shore, a stroll at the old port, a bit of beach combing, relaxing with music and a glass of wine on the terrace, fish dinner at an Arab restaurant, enjoying the sunset with another glass of wine... Well, I got it all!

Driving along the sea side promenade in Tel Aviv Friday morning, and arriving at Yaffo at the clock tower, which was built in Ottoman time (as one of seven similar towers around the country). 

Just a little bit further is the entrance to the flea market, to the part where you probably really could find some fleas, if you would bother to search.

If you wanted you surely could equip a whole household with almost every item needed.

Pots and pans and plates and cups and cutlery.

Lightening, toys and furniture.

Carpets, trinkets, crafts and needlework and pets. And chamber pots for nocturnal urgency. (No, these kitties were not for sale, but lovingly cared for and sleeping soundly!)

If you need means of transportation, you do not have to look further.

You fancy a sewing machine? Here you go! 

I bought for almost nothing a package of six small dolls, the box dirty on the outside, but still unopened. What do you need THAT for? my husband asked. For the dolls I will prepare lovely beds with pillows and blankets from a rose patterned fabric I have. I'll use the plastic baskets of the mushrooms I buy at the supermarket for the beds, or the boxes of tea bags, and I have sweet simple gifts for little girls. I found some old crocheted doilies too, very pretty ones.

There are many many little cafes and small eating places at the market. We went down the alley to the Pua restaurant to have breakfast.   

It still is vintage furnished, all made up of "alte Sachen", but I did not see price tags at the chairs and tables anymore. The place is full of flowers, and I was there in times to see the owner arranging the flowers on the tables and shelves and in each nook and cranny. It is just amazing how much she loves doing this - even the restrooms are adorned with vases full of flowers.

Stuff from all over the world is offered at the colorful bigger part of the market, new, old, vintage and antique. Textiles, like shawls and clothing. Ceramics, Judaica, embroidered and crocheted table wear, traditional carpets, jewellery, and a lot of bric-a-brac. You have to bargain down the prices, at least a third. But if you offered a certain amount, you have to stick to it, otherwise you would be acting in bad manners. This is true for small and big purchases alike, there is an ethic code at the market you should follow.

Old coins, not worth much, bust nostalgic.

You see the eye beads here? They are mine now, and also some of these blue ceramic beads and ornaments from Persia.

My husband promised to prepare breakfast the next morning, so on our way back to the apartment we stopped at a small, tiny actually, Arab store to buy bread, eggs, cheese, etc. There this lovely boy entered with his sweet pet parrot - it had the softest feather dress ever and nibbled on my fingers with amazing tenderness! :-)

To be continued...


Beate said...

Hej Yael,

dort ist es ja umwerfend! Sieht aus wie auf den Wimmelbildern, auf denen man bestimmte Dinge finden muss. Hach, auch das ist meine Welt (ich habe auf Deinen Fotos sofort ein paar Dinge gesehen, die ich mir sehr wahrscheinlich zugelegt hätte) :-)

Das war bestimmt eine herrliche Zeit. Ich wünsch Dir noch viele davon.


Eva said...

Das ist ja ein Ort, wo man die Zeit vergessen kann! Ich würde auf jeden Fall bei dem Schmuck und den Textilien hängenbleiben. Wie viele Hälse und Ohren habe ich denn, um sie zu behängen? Und trotzdem guckt man.

Bob Bushell said...

Oh Yael, that's a real journey around the flea market, lovely.

Irmtraud Kesselring said...

Liebe Yael,
das war eine Bilderflut, die mich begeistert hat. Ich wäre dir gern gefolgt und hätte gestöbert. die alte Nähmaschine hat es mir besodners angetan.
Einen schönen Restsonntag wünscht dir

Jutta said...

Liebe Yael,

über diesen Markt wäre ich auch gerne geschlendert und ich wäre sicher auch fündig geworden. Tolle Bilder hast Du gemacht.

Liebe Grüße

TarracoStyle said...

precioso mercado y preciosas fotografías..

wanda miller said...

YOU, YAEL, are my "go to girl", I tell ya...this is a FAB post! it makes me want to hang with you, ever so much more!!!!! xoxo

Annuk said...

Oh Yael, what a wonderful, colorful journey you are taking me with you!!! All those colors, little treasures, those gorgeous blue doors and windows at the cafe, the sweet kitties lovingly taken care of by that lady, the adorable parrot, lovely people..... Oh, and need I add that I'm literally drooling and melting over those AWESOME turquoise beads and eye beads????? :)))))))))
THANK YOU for this wonderful trip!

Sara said...

These pictures are lovely, everything looks amazing; I so want to go on a vacation after seeing these pictures, I bet you had a great time!
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