Friday, October 11, 2013


My father-in-law, Abram, passed away last month after 92 years of life.

Two weeks later my family took Mila his caretaker from Nepal for a day trip to Jerusalem (without me, I still cannot walk a whole day).

With my daughter and granddaughter.

His granddaughter on the right.

Mila was with us for three years. She did her job splendidly, carefully, and with a warm heart. We are very thankful to her and wish her all the best. She will stay in Israel for another period of time and found work again with an elderly patient in the same neighborhood where she lived with my father-in-law.
Kol tuv Mila! 

Photographed by Uri Eshkar and Marc Denner.


Beate said...

Hej Yael,

als alter Mensch jemanden um sich zu haben, der solche Eigenschaften besitzt, bedeutet Ruhe und Geborgenheit. Das nenne ich auch "in Würde alt werden."
Das ist eine sehr familiäre Geschichte, die wir hier erfahren dürfen.

Lieben Gruß

Irmtraud Kesselring said...

Liebe Yael,
ich hoffe, es geht dir wieder besser.
Dein Schwiegervater hat ein gesegnetes Alter und schaut noch sehr gut aus.
Mila sstraht soviel Wärme und Herzlichkeit aus. Das Foto mit deiner Tochter und Enklin ist wunderschön.
Einen geruhsamen Abend wünscht dir

Annuk said...

Farewell dear Abram... And thank you Mila for being the splendid soul you are.
Big hugs to you, dear Yael, and I hope you can walk well very soon! :)

Friko said...

92 years of age is not bad going. He can be said to have had a good innings.
And he was looked after well, which makes all the difference.

Still, whenever you lose somebody from your family there is sadness at another chapter closing. I am sorry for your loss.

Take care Yael. Hope you’ll soon get your walking legs back.

TarracoStyle said...

estupendo tu padre!!!!
un beso Yael.

Bob Bushell said...

Sad for Abram, good also for Mila to find another job. I hope you are better soon Yael.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

It seems that he had a full life, with all that it has to offer. And the luck to have such a lovely caretaker and women in his life!

wanda miller said...

I love you...

Pesky Cat Designs said...

My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

I am glad to hear that Mila has found another job.

Thinking of you Yael.

Sacramento Amate said...

Qué bonito, Yael. Mi padre también murió a los 92.
Un abrazo amiga.

glazedOver said...

Oh, Yael. Sad news. My deepest condolences to you, Uri and family. A blessing and well wishes for the future on Mila's head!

Laura said...

So sorry for your loss Yael, and grateful that such a kind hearted soul took such good care of your father-in-law... may his memory be for blessing.

TarracoStyle said...

lo lamento!!!
un beso

stardust said...

Hello, Yael! I’m slowly back into blogging. It’s so sad to lose an important loved one, but 92-year-old is a great accomplishment. When he is remembered warmly, the pleasant time with him will be full grown in your heart. Give my condolence to Uri, too.