Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I found this on Facebook today and was so amazed to watch in five minutes what happens to us over a life time. Have a look and be stunned too!
Well, actually it is quite believable, I can testify to that, how about you? (That's me 1949 - you remember the very fashionable bow on the head? I don't remember that doll, but I do remember the dress!)

I would like to see more photos with the bow on the head. Who has to show one? We could have a bow gallery! :-)


Lisa Zinza said...

now that was a bit scary .. and time goes by so fast! I forget I am not my daughters age.

what a darling darling photo! I love your boots! I found boots like that for my Anna (now 23) when she was little... I made her dresses, pinafores and pantaloons. She was always in ruffles ... I think it is saddest to see how fast your kids grow..

hope you are well ... how is that foot?

Hilde said...

The video is quite amazing, it's interesting to see the changes, and how they appear without almost without noticing.

Love that sweet photo of you :)
Have a wonderful day, Yael!

Bea said...

Oh Yael,
dafür hatte ich viel zu feines Haar, das hätte keine Minute gehalten. Und ein paar Jahre später war es vll auch nicht mehr modern. Aber die Galerie schau ich mir an, sollte eine mit Schleichen entstehen! :-) Lustig!

Liebe Grüße

wanda miller said...

well, now, I stopped looking in a mirror most of the time ha! and this is fascinating. and I shall look for a bow pic. I KNOW there are ones of my sister Carolyn with bows in HER hair...we'd be out playing baseball in the street and out she would come with a bow in her hair! ;)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

When I saw that aging sequence I was prepared to be shocked, but instead I was pleasantly surprised. A rather unformed face was transformed into a lifetime of experience and one with a Mona Lisa smile. I'm not afraid to age. Looks and life are transient.

On the other hand, it's a delight to look back and see the unmasked joy of a childhood portrait. You are a sweetie, and to this day!!! And I love those boots, too!

Red Rose. said...

Hello, Yael!
Love to see this photo of you! How sweet and adorable. The photo makes me think that you were a happy little girl and had a good family. The dress, the black collar and boots are cute. Oh..! the doll the sweet girl have reminds me of my doll my parents gave me for a Christmas gift long long and long time ago!

I am feeling nostalgic today!
Have a good weekend.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

You look adorable!

Ilse X said...

I definitely had a bow! I will find it and post it for you!

Ilse said...

...and here it is, bows and storms.

mirjam said...

Yael , i think a whole Generation and maybe several generations had that `Thing` on the head. I call it a thing because it received a status of a symbol