Thursday, July 4, 2013


I found pretty boxes for my coasters. I painted eight sets of six and they are all different. They got two protective coats of shiny varnish. I glued felt circles and squares underneath so they won't scratch any furniture. Actually I made only one set of squares, because I like the circles much more.

They are the best playthings!

 They make very lovely gifts for the holidays and I will sell them gladly! :-)


Bea said...

Ach Yael, Du Tausendsassa!!!!!!!!

eine Freude anzusehen, sind die Untersetzer.


Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
sie sind wunderschön anzusehen. Und die Boxen sind wirklich gut passend.
Die Kleie hat Freude pur beim Spielen und Zeigen.
Eine wunderschönen Donnerstag wünscht dir

Annuk said...

They are gorgeous, Yael!!! Almost too beautiful to use as coasters :) I love the bright colors (of course...!) and the beautiful, unique patterns! And your little "model" truly makes them shine :)

Anonymous said...

אפילו יותר יפה במציאות :)

Hilde said...

What beautiful and unique coasters, and the boxes are perfect for them! So nicely photographed too. Looks like you had a fun photo shoot, and your model is doing a fabulous job :)

Hope you are fine, Yael!
Many hugs :)

Lisa Zinza said...

I L♥Ve them and the boxes are just added pizzazz!! They are like grown up coloring! So fun and happy!!

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful costers, so well done and playthings. Please look after these and make sure they come to no harm, I love them.

Red Rose. said...

Sweet coasters and boxes! They are the best match.You made my day!
Let's enjoy our weekend,Yael.

wanda miller said...

you CHEEKY little have been so busy I see. what WONDERFUL WONDERFUL work you are accomplishing along with living life joyfully! such great photos! ox

Mary Stanley said...

Those are amazing, Yael! Such beautiful work you do!
And a sweet model you have there!

Eva said...

Die sind ja hinreißend. Und die schöne Box dazu! Einfach toll.