Friday, May 17, 2013


Drawing me? I was wondering here about it. Now I draw all the time, I mean when I have time, I draw. Instead of sewing bags, I draw now. Of course I do a lot of other things, like scratching my head and thinking. I think a lot. Or praying for a day without pain. Seriously. Or eating pizza, sharing with Dafi, one bite for me, one bite for her, she loves that. I try that with water melon too, but she just makes faces at me. I cook and bake, and I  do all the household chores, yes I do, and I do them smiling, because when I am finished I can DRAW! Really what did happen? I have NO idea - I think I am reliving childhood, another childhood, a happier childhood, one with colored pencils, and paper, and markers and crayons. And because it is sixty years later, there are also acrylics - I love them, because I can cover any "mistakes" with them. I love my drawings. I do not pretend to be an artist. No, not at all. I just draw and paint happily, and you should see me, being so calm and satisfied! I am encouraging myself and giving myself praise, like a parent to a child. I don't care anymore, that I don't know how to draw realistically. And I don't draw for anyone to like it, but for myself, although my husband says he likes them, my drawings. That is cool, because I feel good when he likes what I do. And Dafi likes me drawing, she always sits beside me, almost on my feet. Well she does that with anything I do sitting, so maybe she doesn't count as an opinion in the matter of drawing.

So here are some - I am not ashamed to show them. I think the small format of this lovely little journal suits me well. I was lucky that it was just available at home in a drawer. I don't think a large white piece of paper in front of me would have made this possible. I would not have been brave.



Off to have a cup of coffee! :-)


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, your paintings and drawings are so incredibly BEAUTIFUL! You are a natural talent for sure, and it's like a rebirth--getting to discover a love anew! Show us as you go...!!!

rachel awes said...

DELIGHTFUL, friend!!!

Bob Bushell said...

Your are a genius, which I had said before. Yael the painter, and a bag maker, I love your sort of people.

wanda miller said...

All WONDER FILLED WONDERFUL FULL OF WONDER! I LOVE THEM, did I say LOVE? yes I did, I really really do! when you have fun with this, it makes a huge difference, a VUNDER-FULL treat! oxox

Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
das sind wundervolle Zeichnungen.
Der Stil erinnert mich etwas an die naive Malerei, die ich sehr mag. Maach weiter. Male dir alle Sorgen von der seele. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass man an der Staffelei seine Ruhe findet.
Einen wunderschönen Abend wünscht dir

Hilde said...

Your drawings are absolutely gorgeous, Yael, I love your style and the colours. You are very talented!! Keep drawing, enjoy your journey, and please show us as you go, I would love to see more of your work :)

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs :)

stardust said...

Oh, my...! You’re a wizard with colors and pattern-making, Yael! This is no wonder seeing from your super wonderful sense of patchwork. You should establish your own brand.


Annuk said...

THANK YOU for this great, happy, inspiring post, Yael!!!! Thank you for sharing these happy moments with us, and for transmitting the beauty and positive energy of the creative process! And thank you for sharing your drawings... which "by the way" happen to be WONDERFUL!!!!! You have such an incredible native talent, Yael, and you definitely have a VERY unique and personal style!!! I LOVE IT, Yael!!!!
THANK YOU for sharing your happiness, it is indeed contageous! :)

Have a wonderful, creative weekend! (I KNOW you will! :))

Eva said...

You see, how people react: All those friends are enthusiastic! And so am I. Your art is so joyful, just awesome. And you don't have to worry or care, just let the colors and shapes go, and everything is alright.
No.2 makes me think of curious people all over in the world and you as a vibrating, living center, sending out letters and parcels, meeting hearts who are loving the things you do. Right on, sweetheart!

Lisa Zinza said...

you can't draw .. ha ha .. that was a funny joke! You have found your artist within! Bravo! Your colors are magnificent! I love the birds & the little houses... splendid.

You work makes me smile!!!

Magia da Inês said...

Genial... os desenhos são originais, criativos, coloridos e muito bonitos.
Boa semana!

TarracoStyle said...

increíble, me encanta. adoro el color.

Zorana said...

You are such a natural talent! Can you imagine all those colors and shapes somewhere in you, just waiting to jump onto paper. Amazing! I can actually see your drawings as "graphic design" on different products or surfaces. I am so looking forward to follow your journey!

Clare said...

I haven't visited for awhile - but oh I can see you are embracing this new creative outlet. I can see how delighted you are - the colours and shapes are so happy and filled with life. The excitement jumps right off the screen and into my heart.