Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today I am seven and a half weeks (exactly 54 days) after my ankle replacement surgery. 

Two weeks after surgery I got my cast removed and was told to keep my leg in the walking boot, but not to put weight on it at all, and to see my surgeon after another three weeks. I was hopping the necessary ways at home on one leg, which was not easy. Then I was wheeled into the clinic at the next appointment (five weeks past surgery), and my doctor said: "You can walk now with your walking boot for the next two weeks, then you walk without it another two weeks, and then I want to see you coming into my office with no crutches, no walking boot, no walker, without any help and with normal shoes!" 
I thought, what was he talking about, I could not believe what he said, I was sure this would be absolutely impossible! 

I could scarcely get around with the walking boot, I had no balance, my foot hurt, it was swelling terribly each time I walked a bit. The scar was not healed... I felt miserable!
Well, with much effort it got a little bit easier every day, but still it was hard to deal with! Then two weeks later, I had to get rid of the walking boot, put on normal shoes and walk in them. 

That was last Tuesday. 

One day passed and another - I was very worried first and in quite bad mood, walking was still so hard. But, with much encouragement from my husband and the physiotherapist, I did - every day some more, and I did my exercises. After it I put my foot up and packed it in ice to get down the swelling. Then it got better very fast! And I started to get back to real life! I was spending time in the kitchen! I was baking a cake! I was cooking dinner! I made bread! I did the dishes! Not all together, but here and there. I went down to the garden to feed the cats. Yes up and down the stairs, slowly, slowly! My spirit came back, my mood got better every day - I began to trust in my surgeon's promise that I will walk after less than eight weeks! Yes, I started walking in normal shoes and without any devises, even not a walking stick, last Tuesday. 

It is amazing how much healing power the body has. Today is Saturday, Shabatt

AND we went for a hike! A small one, about half an hour, but I went with the greatest happiness! I was out experiencing spring! After almost two months inside! 

On the way from Tel Aviv to Haifa, near the village Kadima, there is a small nature reserve (I told last year about it in a post). Irises (Irus haArgaman) are blooming there now, and big Garlic (shum tel avivi) and Lupines (turmusim). It is a roundabout walk - and it is very beautiful there, with giant old oak trees and the wildflowers beneath them.
Look how wonderful it is there!

I still have a long way to go, my Achilles Tendon is weak and needs further strengthening. It will take time and more exercise till my foot will not swell anymore. But already I am relieved of the terrible pain I had before this surgery, when I was practically walking on grinding bones. I  have never dreamed, that after such relatively short time I would walk in normal shoes and without any help. Yes, I walk slowly for now, but I know I will gain back at least 50% of normality and that is more than enough for me! I never jumped the trampoline before, so I surely won't miss that! :-)

My surgeon was Dr. Massarwe Sabri, at the Medical Center in Herzeliya. - Shukran Dr. Sabri - see you on March 5th! 

And thank you - toda raba - to my wonderful friends, who came on endless visits, comforted me with dear hearts, and spoiled me with presents of food and cookies and magazines and books and stories and crafting supplies - they have been unbelievably loving!
My husband did everything to help me, he cooked and washed and cleaned and survived with me the difficult first weeks with love and care.
Thank you to my family, for visits and phone calls and cheering me up all the time!   

Photos taken by my husband Uri Eshkar - please zoom in...


Irmi said...

Liebe Yael,
schön, die Fortschritte, wenn es auch nur ganz kleine sind, mitlesen zu dürfen.
Verlier den Mut nicht. Es wird!
Liebe Wochenendgrüße sendet

Smultron said...

Hej Yael,
was für eine Geschichte!!!! Damit hast Du gezeigt, dass Ausdauer, Geduld, Selbstdisziplin und Zuversicht die eigenen Erwartungen in den Schatten stellen können.
Das hast Du prima gemacht!

Liebe Grüße aus Schweden

Anonymous said...

יעל, אני שמחה שראית את האור .... תרתי משמע ושמחה לראות שאת כל כך שמחה.
תמשיכי ככה, יש הרבה אנשים טובים המדהימים סביבך :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Yippeeeeee, you have done it, lovely. I think that it is your believe that is done it, and of course the doctor.

Lisa said...

Hoooray!! ♦♦ The body is pretty amazing . you are right!! Life is always an adventure isn't it!

So glad you are up and about .. enjoy!!!

Annuk said...

It's SOOOOO great to see you walking and enjoying your beloved flowers again, dear Yael!!!!!! You're doing great, and I'm convinced that inner will has a huge role in recovering!
Lots of love, and enjoy those wonderful flowers, smell them, breathe in the amazing air of spring, embrace nature and the sun... :)

Hilde said...

Dear Yael, I'm so glad to hear your ancle is recovering and that you are up and about again! How wonderful that you have enjoyed walks along flowers and trees! You are doing great :)
Lots of hugs to you.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael--this is the best news, the BEST! I am smiling from ear to ear. I am so happy with you!

Tanja said...

Shalom Ima, this sounds very very good amd I am sure that it will be better and better every day and in some months you will swing your leg and run like a rabbit and go to dance Tango with Uri. See you on 5th of March. (Who takes me from the Namal Teuva?) Nishika Tanja.

stardust said...

It’s so lovely to see you standing with smiles and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful flowers, Yael.

Take care of yourself.


mirjam said...

רפואה שלמה לך
והחלמה טובה
את מוזמנת להציץ בבלוג שלי
נראה שאנו אוהבות הרבה דברים משותפים