Sunday, September 2, 2012


Rosh HaShana,  (the Head of the Year), the Jewish New Year is coming up and it is a time of gift giving. 
A traditional present would be something sweet and fruity - honey and apples, a bottle of wine, a fruit basket - to wish a sweet year ahead. But each nice gift will be appreciated, and "handmade" is always among the favorites.

Yesterday, at Shabatt, I participated in a Rosh HaShana sale. The bazaar was held in the community center of the little village in the Galilee, where my friend Aiva lives. She had invited me to join. We had a great time, the atmosphere was friendly, a lot of people came, many knowing each other and the artists. There was laughter and music, coffee, cake, cold drinks and cookies. Crafty things were on the tables, and some serious art, like paintings, wall hangings, jewelry was presented. 

I loved the ceramics - the artist had created beautiful and useful dishes, vases, vessels, plates and cups with wonderful glazes. One woman made fantastic lamp work, and her creations from colored glass rods were absolutely stunning. Bags from leather and fabric, scarves, small mosaic items, quilts, jewelry fashioned from beads and buttons (my friends genre), papier mache bowls, necklaces with polymer clay beads, coasters made in enamel technique with lovely motives, wood art, very pretty silver jewelry, (rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings), and even pretty artful cookies in flower shapes, wrapped beautifully in transparent paper, with a bow for adornment - you name it, all was there! At one stand home made liqueur in several tastes was sold, chocolate, mango, kumquats and limoncello. I can testify that it was high quality and very good, because we bought a bottle and enjoyed some in the evening. :-)

This was my table with my beloved helper! I had brought mostly gifts for children, a box full of small fabric hearts, some colorful pouches, lavender hearts, and lavender pillows too.

The wide range and variety of homemade goods was astonishing. Most sellers live in this village or its surroundings. The ceramist for example is my friends next door neighbor. Outside at the yard a nice sitting area was put up, and felafel and waffles with chocolate syrup and powdered sgar were prepared and sold, and one could even have a fresh cold draft beer, from a local small brewery.

But the best thing were those cute girls, who brought all kind of plant material, leaves, blossoms, rosemary needles, small pine cones, twigs and tiny pebbles, squatted on the floor and earnestly created little artful arrangements, which sold for 1 Shekel each! :-) Yes, the artists and/or businesswomen of the future :-)

It was a good day!


Annuk said...

Yael, I wish I was there too!!! It looks like it was a wonderful day, and such a beautiful atmosphere... great artwork, lovely talented people and joy and laughter, lovely kids and a sweet little helper... Thank you for sharing this happy, sunny day! :)

rachel awes said...

how much fun is all this?!!
i too wish i could have been there!
+ hugged your sweet items + YOU!

zsazsazsu said...

enjoyed your post too ! Felt as being there too. It's always fun walking around and seeing what others make.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I enjoyed zooming in on all that good-time, Yael. Your precious granddaughter must have had as good a time as you--you can see it on her face!


So many wonderful things.
No grass at all in Andalucía, even my poor pots need daily watering to manage.

TarracoStyle said...

menuda reunión de artistas!!! Cuantas cosas bonitas.
Me ha encantado la cerámica.

stardust said...

What a fun bazaar! I wish I had been there in person. Ceramics, liquor, pouches, beads ... I wouldn’t leave empty handed, never. The girl who helped your corner is so lovely and the girls who created leaf boats with flowers in, too. How clever and creative they are.

I also saw the posts about your fish-patterned bags. How fabulous, how unique! Have happy days ahead, Yael.


Bob Bushell said...

A good artist day.

Misfits Vintage said...

So much colour and joy! I love the ingenuity of those clever girls. L'shannah Tovah!

Sarah xxx

Magia da Inês said...

彡♡` Olá, amiga!

Dia lindo e maravilhoso.

Lindo dia!
Bom fim de semana!
Brasil ♡彡.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful day you had! Your table looked so lovely with all your colorful and unique creations. Especially love the bunny in the box. :)

Hilde said...

It looks like a wonderful bazaar with so many nice and interesting creations. Your table looked great, Yael, and how nice of your granddaughter to help you. I guess you had a lovely day together :)

I really admire the creativity of the two little girls :)

art spirit said...

Loved seeing the craft show and especially your table with the hearts and other lovely creations!
Your new bags are so colorful and fun!
thanks for all the wonderful posts!