Monday, May 21, 2012


After more than a year of pain I had a herniated disc at my lower back on Saturday - I do not wish this my worst enemy (if I had one). So I am still not functioning properly and resting most of the time. I am feeling grumpy, therefore I was looking for a funny picture! :-)
Two lovely daughters of two cherished friends! Gal and Avi licking the cream! 

I have to start treatment. Someone has advice on hernia? 
( פריצת דיסק - prizat disc - Bandscheibenvorfall )


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Dear Dear Yael--I am not an expert, but as soon as the symptoms fade (and I hope they do, fast), find a good physical therapist who can teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles around the spine and your 'core' muscles. Once you have an expert advising you, work every day for flexibility and strength even if it's just a twenty minutes...and in the meantime,take ibuprofen, eat fresh strawberries, and eat chocolate icecream with pieces of pecans and walnuts in it...Good luck! XXXOOO

Those two little girls...I'd like to whisk them away for the day!

Anonymous said...

אויש יעל, ליבי ליבי איתך!
אני מאחלת לך מכל הלב שתרגישי טוב. אם יש משהו שאני יכולה לעשות בשבילך בבקשה רק תגידי. גל הולכת לשיעור פסנתר עוד מעט והיא תשאיר לך משהו קטן ליד הדלת. מקווה שזה ישפר את מצב רוחך.

ואיזה תמונה משמחת של אבי וגל, אחד מהימים שהם זיכרון מתוק עבור גל.


zsazsazsu said...

the pain is breathtaking the instant it is happening ... and every move you make also. I once took me half an hour to reach the toilet ... cm by cm. I know what you are going through. Indeed what Dawn says ... train your spine and tummy muscles to make kind of a corset.
Feeling your pain and crossing fingers for a quick recovery.

Smilla said...

Ohjemine!! Das tönt aber gar nicht spassig, auch wenn das Bild der vergnügten Girls nach einer richtigen Gaudi aussieht!!!
Habe zum Glück keine Erfahrung und wünsche dir, dass du in guten Händen bist und die Therapien gut anschlägt!!
Gute Besserung
♥-lich brigitte

- Yvonaut -
Das sind Raphael und Yvonne

Liebe Yael,
leider haben wir dir keine guten Ratschläge, aber wir wünschend ir auf jeden Fall gute Besserung und viele schöne Momente um dich auf zu heitern!
Liebe Grüsse
Yvonne & Raphael

glazedOver Pottery said...

Such a sweet memory for Avi too! My heart is hurting for you, Yael, that you are in such pain. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all instantly vanish. Around the clock, I will be thinking of you and wishing for your speedy recovery.

Hilde said...

Such a sweet photo, they look so happy. Wonderful!!

I am so sorry to hear you are in pain, Yael. Hope you recover soon. I am sending good thaught your way.
Best wishes and hugs :)

Thanks for your nice comment :) I have thought about making rhubarb cake when harvesting the rhubarb, and I'll post the recipe for you :)

Take care!!

Mrs. D said...

Oh noes, hope you feel better soon! Hernias do not go along with walks to beautiful places!

Annuk said...

Oh my dear Yael, I'm sending BIG HUGS and LOOOOTS of healing vibes your way!!!!!!!!!!!
Love from Rhodes!

Bob Bushell said...

Sorry you're in such a bad pain, it must be horrible. But, you have a lot of friends, I am one, to share everything with.

Loddelina said...

Oh, Yael, I am so sorry to hear that, I do hope you get better soon!

I got a hernia injury when I was 7 m pregnant with my second child and I kept lifting my toddler...
The only thing that helped me was a series of Tui-na Chinese massages (to warm up the muscles), followed by manual therapy (a lot like chiropractic) that repositioned my displaced discs. I had two weeks of daily therapies and after first three the pain got worse because of sore muscles (a normal reaction) but after that I was as good as new and the treatment didn't hurt the baby at all.

wanda miller said...

just what dawn said, yael. and i went to the chiropracter (very afraid) and he helped me sooo much! i also went to an reflexologist forever after that! still praying and loving you! xoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh poor love, big hugs for you! Sarah xxx

Clare said...

Oh dear Yael - so sorry to hear about this. It sounds awful - I hope you get treatment to help and start to feel more like your old self again - soon. Hugs xox

Lisa said...

Oh .... Oooouuuch!!!! Sending hugs .. but not to hard~
Hope you are on the mend soon Yael

loved the photo • makes me smile too!

pink piano said...

I HAD A HERNIATED DISC IN MY LOWER BACK 20 YEARS AGO. They treated this problem a lot differently back then. Don't stop moving and try to strengthen the back muscles. Swimming is very good. I had a cortisone injection which really helped. Stay positive my love.