Sunday, April 15, 2012


After the encounter with Lady Fox and visiting the Canaanite part of the ancient city at Tel Arad, we sat down to a picnic in the parking lot under this gorgeous and enormous tree.
Two young handsome but quite dusty guys, had a rest from their hike at the neighboring table. We offered them a piece of cake, and they told us they are "doing the Shvil Israel". This is a hiking route of about a 1000 km throughout the land of Israel. It is divided into sections, which can be tackled individually. Walking the entire length would take about a month and a half. Those two were up to the whole thing at once, and had been on their way already three weeks, starting at Eilat. After I told my friend Aiva about this meeting she said: "So you have been trail angels!" And she explained to me that this has gotten a standard phrase for people living near the path, or meeting the travelers on it, helping them on their way a bit with nice gestures - like maybe offering them a shower, or a sleepover on the garden lawn, fresh water,  a meal and coffee - or just a piece of cake!
They were very cheerful and lovely, but seemed a little bit tired! We just loved their attitude and wished them all the best for their further way till the end of their track. "Tishmeru al azmechem, tachseru be Shalom!" "Take care of yourself and come back home in peace!"
Lehitra'ot Tom and Hod! It was very nice meeting you! :-)


alice said...

wunderbare Bilder, meine Liebe, jene mit dem Wüstenfuchs und auch diese mit der Begegnung der zwei Wanderer!

Wenn ich so den blauen Himmel anschaue, werd ich echt neidisch.
Einfach traumhaft!

Liebe grüsse, Alice

Bob Bushell said...

Did they have a piece of beautiful cake?

wanda miller said...

OH, how wonderful is that...cake to offer! i simply adore this terrain! xo

Hilde said...

Such a lovely post, Yael, and I hope they will have a nice and safe trip further :)

Hope you are fine!
I will be back tomorrow to catch up on more of your latest blogposts :)

Annuk said...

What amazing encounters in that special place! Young people who walk a long trail have certainly something special in their hearts, and I can see that in their smiles!
Thank you for sharing, dear Yael! :)

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Cute blog! =)

Zaunwinde said...

Das sind herrliche Aufnahmen mit dem Fuchs und den jungen Leuten. Die beiden jungen Männer muten sich ja einiges zu, dieser weite Weg mit den schweren Rucksäcken...das kann ich nur bewundern.
Liebe Grüße, Zaunwinde

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Yael, if I had been one of those guys and met you under this tree, I think I would have felt myself in heaven, especially after being offered a piece of your cake!

But...I often feel that way about you, even way so far away...!