Sunday, November 6, 2011


You remember Golda, the kitty from the Negev desert?
She turned into a big healthy marvelous cat. She is strong and headstrong, full of energy, always hungry, in addition to her cat food she will eat almost anything! She still plays with me very roughly, but she will never deliberately hurt me. AND she is very smart. There is always the danger of a cat's head get stuck in a container of yoghurt or cottage (never give it to them unsupervised!).  They all love to lick it clean. Goldie loves that too, but she has her own ways. If the container is small, she will never stick her head in, but nevertheless she gets the last good morsel out of it! 
Have a look!
We had such good laughs yesterday morning sitting in the garden and watching her, about half an hour she was busy licking her paws - she is awesome! 
Look she is here too:
Have a funny Sunday everyone!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

She is magestic! I love that precious baby-cat face!

Bob Bushell said...

A bird catcher, um, the photos are fabulous.

zsazsazsu said...

another cat that was lucky to be found and have a great life now ! She is soooo awesome and yep very very smart !

Smilla said...

Reizend und sehr ausdauernd... ein wirklich schlaues Kâtzchen eure Goldi und zudem eine echte Geniesserin!
♥-lich Brigitte

Annuk said...

Oooooh Golda is so cute and so smart!!!!!
What a sweet adorable princess (they all know they are princes and princesses, don't they?)!
I love ALL cats, but I have "something" for black kitties (don't tell Zoe, she's such a Beauty too!!), especially girls are so incredibly elegant and beautiful! I love Golda's cute white patch on her belly!
Give her a BIG kiss on her sweet kitty head from me, please!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy for both of you enjoying each other!

Eva said...

Was fuer ein Prachtstueck aus ihr geworden ist! Gute Pflege.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

So great to see photos of Goldie all grown up! I guess she is not lactose intolerant. hehe How lucky she is to have such a wonderful home with so much love and delicious treats. :)

Hilde said...

Golda is such a beauty, and very smart too :) Love the photos!!

Clare said...

She is beautiful - it's amazing how much love and fun one gets from the little creatures that are in our lives.

glazedOver said...

Oh, that video is the most hilarious thing. What a smarty-pants! She's got a built-in SPOON there. And she's a neater eater than a lot of the kids I know.

Impressive. Makes me want to sift sleepy, remote areas for stray kittens and bring one home!

2 B's World said...

Huhu Yael,
welch eine Freude, mal wieder hier bei Dir zu sein.
Es hat sich ja soviel getan und ich habe die vielen schönen Bilder total genossen.
Sogar in Deutschland warst schönen Bayern. Suuuuper!
Na und die kleine Goldie hat sich wirklich prächtig entwickelt. Schön, daß ich sie mal in Aktion sehen konnte.

Hihi, Du hast ne Goldie...ich hab nen Goldie... *grins*

Ganz viele liebe Grüße senden Dir
Birgit und der Goldie ;-)