Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am working on two more bags from the upholstery fabric I got from my daughter. This one actually is finished, except for the handles. I have wooden handles I wanted to add, but as it turned out they are too small, so I will go to Tel Aviv next week and buy some bigger ones. I could make fabric handles or even handles from leather, I have a small piece of black leather which could be enough, but now I am stubborn, I want wooden handles on that bag! I found this marvelous piece of Bedouin embroidery at the flea market in Jaffa, it was part of a dress - look at those meticulous stitches - it goes fantastic with the velvety black and red fabric!

And here is the lining of the second one, I had leftovers of green and used the blue with this gorgeous striped batik fabric which I had for a long time. A very lovely small bag will come out of it! I made simple inside pockets with Velcro closure.

What is left now from this treasure are the beige colors with some brown. I wait till an idea hits me! :-)


Eva said...

Treasures are being turned into treasures! This embroidery is a true masterpiece.
I love the combination of the blues! You really have an eye for such effects. And the mask bead is funny! Polymere clay, I guess?

zsazsazsu said...

I am sure you will have enough inspiration to make the brown leftovers also into another gorgeous bag !

Bernstein said...

Guten Morgen Yael,
ich mag Deine Taschen. Sie sind witzig, spritzig, farbenfroh, fröhlich, unglaublich schön und so einzigartig!!!
Die Beduinenborte gefällt mir besonders gut und ich bin gespannt, wie die Tasche fertig aussieht.
Außerdem bin ich mir sicher, dass Dir für die Farbe Braun auch noch etwas passendes einfällt.
GlG Inbar

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I come to your blog for inspiration--in history, art, family, and in your splendid work! One can see the huge amount of experience you have, and your sophisticated taste is outstanding!

Hilde said...

Oh, it is looking good, Yael!
The bedouin embroidery is so beautiful! I hope you find the wooden handles you want. The blue colour combination is gorgeous, and I like the mask bead.
Can't wait to see the finished bags :)

Clare said...

The embroidery is beautiful - you were lucky to find it. There is something about bag making - Using wooden handles - is a good idea - I've never tried that but now you've got me thinking - just don't know where I'd find some - looking forward to seeing the finished bags.