Thursday, August 12, 2010


Why would I write about a hotel? Because this specific one is certainly very special and worth mentioning it.
We stayed there during our vacation in Cappadocia and enjoyed this place, which is a little wonder in itself, with its beautiful gardens and unique architecture, incorporated perfectly in the surrounding landscape, creating a matching ambient.
The Kelebek Hotel is located almost in the center of Goereme, the picturesque, historic town, with pinnacles and pillars of volcanic rock towering in the middle of the town square. Many dwellings are cut straight into the rocks and people live in those cave houses till today. 
There are also pensions and smaller hotels which have rock rooms, and the Kelebek Hotel is one of them. 
The gardens and the rooms have been decorated in a very artful way with much loving attention to detail. Everything fits in beautifully with the flair of the region, the landscape, the history. 
This once has been a family home and has been turned into a hotel with now about thirty rooms, some of them caves and others in fairy chimneys, and some of them are traditional arched rooms. The fabrics of the bedding and pillows are handwoven, the curtains adorned with crocheted lace, the furniture hand carved, all made locally, so are the carpets. The bathrooms have marble walls. 
 We really have been amazed by the tasteful interior decoration everywhere! We stayed in one of the traditional rooms across the street,  in midst the gardens with roses in full bloom. 
The day started with breakfast, either inside the breakfast room, high up, which had glass windows till down to the floor, or just out the door of it, on the terrace, with a magnificent view towards the Pigeon Valley. And it usually ended with a glass of wine in one of the inviting sitting areas in the garden...
Oh, by the way: Kelebek means Butterfly!


Michelle said...

Next Time,
I have money for vaccations,
the first Person I ask where to go ti,
is you :D

Bernstein said...

Hallo Yael,
was für wunderbare Bilder von einem traumhaften Ort. An jeder Ecke gibt es neues und besonderes zu entdecken, zu bestaunen und zu genießen.
Kelebek = Schmetterling - ist das nicht ein passender Name für den Ort, an dem das Leben leicht, fröhlich, bunt und unbeschwert ist wie der Flügelschlag eines Schmetterlings.
Schmetterlingsliebende Grüße
Inbar Bernstein

Yael said...

Bernstein, Bernstein, you make me ALWAYS smile!

aurorafedora said...

just beautiful!

Eva said...

Was für eine wundervolle Innenausstattung! Als ich in der Türkei geheiratet habe, suchte ich auch solche Dinge, vor allem Textilien; aber es gab nur "modern!" Modern war gut.
Anscheinend gibt es auch was anderes. Wie schön! Ich genieße Deine Bilder, als wäre ich dort.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I hadn't seen this--and I'm in love! There's nothing like a stay at a beautiful place away from home, for the senses and a change. I would love to stay here!