Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One day some years ago our son Yaron came home from a trip to town. He said to me: "Open your hands," and as I did he put a small tiny bundle of a kitten in them. It was very miserable, full of tics and flees, but also so sweet. He had been in a coffee house called 'Luna', (that's how she got her name), and found her there outside, motherless and crying. We took her to the vet and cared for her, and she developed into a beautiful cat. Luna is always busy cleaning herself. She is very dear, and has a wonderful, loving personality. She gives us plenty of joy and pleasure and is dearly loved by us all!



Sheva said...

Luna is adorable in these photos!

Yael said...

Hi Shevagirl!
She is almost as beautiful as Mango!