Sunday, March 10, 2019

SPRING AT THE JORDAN VALLEY - אביב בבקעת הירדן

Spring at the Jordan Valley - with an almost unbelievable abundance of wildflowers - such as I have not seen before, this was just the top of the top. We had so much rain this year here in Israel, surely that contributed to the growth of millions of flowers. We went to visit at the valley today, and took much more photos than these, it was impossible to stop. All the colors were present, yellow, red, purple, white, blue, pink, orange - and even black, because the Gilboa Iris is almost black. Here we are at Maale Efraym which is in the middle of the Valley. That was truly a glorious and magic day! 
I know these are a lot of photos, but don't stop, please view till the end! 

היום בבקעת הירדן. כל הארץ פורחת לאחר גשמי הברכה של החורף, אבל הפריחה בבקעה עולה על כולנה. עושר של מינים וצבעים מרהיב עין. המינים הבולטים: עכנאי זיפני, שלח ספרדי, נורית אסיה ועוד מינים רבים 
 אחרים, היוצרים חגיגה של צבעים

All photos by my husband Uri Eshkar.