Sunday, December 30, 2012


I was not around very much here lately. No telling of hikes into nature and excursions to ancient places. The reason for it is that I am not as mobile as I would like to be. For some time now I have arthritis in my left ankle. There is no cushioning cartilage anymore in my joint, and  walking with bone grinding on bone has gotten so painful that it became necessary to be taken care of. 

So tomorrow morning, the first day of the new year, I will check into hospital for surgery of total ankle replacement (ankle arthroplasty). An artificial joint will be inserted between my tibia and my talus bone and then - voila - I will have the ability to walk pain free restored! Well, after four or five months or so... :-)

I have to admit, I am quite anxious, not so much about the surgery itself, but about the long healing period after it. I was told, I may not put weight on my foot for at least six weeks. So a walker and crutches are already at home and during the last week I practiced a bit of getting along with them.
I hope everything turns out good and successful! So my dear blogger friends, please wish me luck! :-)

A good new year to all of you! Foremost health, everything else will fall in place!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


My daughter asked me for a  case to take her laptop to work. This is what I came up with. It turned out to be quite cheerful. It is made from decorator fabric and pieces of leather, with a beautiful African batik print lining. The butterflies are appliqued, and together with the mother-of-pearl buttons and the doily scrap add some fun embellishment.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

THIS makes me happy!

After some days of  Hanuka vacation with us, my grandson went home yesterday. This is what I found in my Facebook in the morning:

"grandma i love U and thanks for all the things you did for me i love U see U next holiday :-)"

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hm, what do you think?

200cc water, 100cc vinegar (apple vinegar is good), 
1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons sugar. Unheated. Prepare this mixture as often as needed to fill your jar. I blanched the cauliflower and the red pepper for two minutes (cool it down in cold water, so it does not continue to "cook"). Peel the cucumber or don't peel. I added garlic cloves and some onion pieces. I did not have dill at home, otherwise I would have put in a sprig or two.  Sometimes I add pieces of carrots (blanched). Peppers in all colors are most beautiful in the jar. Ready to eat after three days. These pickles are mild and delicious. So easy and quick to prepare! Fun to use all those colors! :-)

If I prepare a jar full of those delicacies for my son-in-law I will use lemon juice instead of vinegar, my son too prefers it that way. My new daughter-in-law and I - we LOVE vinegar! :-) My husband will enjoy both kinds! My daughter uses a recipe for an Asian kind, with soy! I will share it some other time. It is very tasty too!

Filling little jars will make a lovely gift - ein Mitbringsel!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Oh! Do you really have to go?
No, please don't leave me
all alone! Now you are
tying me up to the post
with a rope? Please leave
it long so I can roam!

A whole weekend you will
be away?
The food you have left 

will only last one day!
Water in my small bowl
is not enough, a bucketful
is a must.

What if it starts to rain?
I am sure you will keep
nice and warm 

while I am left to shiver!
Don't you care? Am I
such a bother?

I don't ask for much,
except that you take
care of me before you
go away.
After all you tell me
I am man's best friend!
What I don't understand is:
Who is mine?? 

 Poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas

Have a great weekend and please do take care of your animals!

(This is Seppl - made from decorator fabric and silk, embellished with leather appliques, he is from snout to tail 23"/60cm long. He already found a lovely home!)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is the title of a Japanese blog. It belongs to Yoko from Nara, a beautiful city in the south of Japan, a place full of very energetic ancient history, surrounded by smooth hills, full of old temples, of gardens and parks with ponds, trees, birds, flowers and deer - a place which survived in its grace from the past and keeps it - and the best cherry blossom viewing point in Japan.

Yoko's blog is a marvel and a treasure! Her photographs are all masterpieces with that so typical and impossible to copy sense of artistic creativity full of honor to the subject, to be found among the Japanese people. She has the ability to capture nature in all its glory with her lenses.

Sometimes her photos look like paintings. She covers the seasons with charm and she always compliments her pictures with the stories belonging to them.
This is her last post of the year and she is preparing with golden joy for the holidays and for the New Year!
All the best to you Yoko san - thank you for your marvelous photos, your words and your efforts! May the next year bring you again the pleasure you find in nature and life! We will welcome you back gladly!

Please have a look and wander around, you will be awarded! :-)

Monday, December 3, 2012


This is my first try - it was fun and my fingers are itching to make him some friends. His snout needs a bit reshaping, otherwise he is really fine! His name is "Waldi" - of course!

He is very photogenic! And long and short!

 Oh well, you may rename him if you wish! I might consider your suggestion! :-)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


They are blooming now in great abundance at the Carmel mountain. Wishing all of you a happy Sunday and good new week! Zoom in and enjoy those beautiful flowers!

כרכום  photographed yesterday by my husband Uri Eshkar