Friday, December 16, 2011

MIS PAPELICOS - alias Senora Sacramento

Only after I posted my last entry I asked Sacramento from MIS PAPELICOS for permission to use one, or maybe two photos from her blog, featuring her with a special outfit. She responded kindly and allowed me to use "all the photos you want"...

Now I had to choose and this was really difficult for me, because each one of her garb is a collection of color and texture, of the right shoes and the best fitting accessories - earrings, necklaces, brooches, always a belt and of course a smashing handbag. She puts much artistic thought and a lot of creative energy in her attire and she always succeeds in looking very sophisticated and unique - every thing is perfect - she will not agree to less. And she is very daring and fearless in selecting the unexpected and unusual and feels confident with her decisions. She presents herself daily in a costume fit for the play of life! And she never ceases to look beautiful and special!

So why did I choose this particular outfit? Because it resembles everything she loves to accomplish. Finding items which catch her senses and are affordable. Seeking garments and suitable fittings for them, which she knows will make her look adorable.  As I already told in my last post, she is very good in discovering real treasures. In this case it was a genuine Karl Lagerfeld Jacket, which she found at a flea market for 3 (!!!) Euro. The pretty skirt (1 Euro) and the shoes are flea market finds too. The shoes had been sold brand new for 2,50 Euro, and they are "Carla Berotti" ankle boots. She does not at all necessarily look for clothes with famous designer labels, she just has an eye for it to seek them out at flea market stalls and vintage shops. But she will buy anything she likes - that's it: she buys what she loves to wear, that sums it all up! And she never even spends much money on it! That is so amazing!

And of course her face is always made up to perfection, her lovely eyes embellished, the haircut cared for, her nails done pretty!

Those photos were taken while she visited her daughter in Berlin and in this case she borrowed the jewellery, the golden colored belt and the hand bag from her. I love how she writes in her post that she "played the whole outfit down with the striped t-shirt".

Here is again the link to her blog. Wander around, it is very pleasant!


Bob Bushell said...

Very nice costume.

Annuk said...

Thank you for introducing this great lady, Yael! I really admire women who think "out of the box" and are able to express their OWN personality through their very personal style, without following imposed fashions and being free and beautiful. To me it is a joy for the heart to meet such women.
Sacramento's style is the style of a woman who is true to herself and who shines with her personality.
And what an art there is in her choosing the pieces that make up her outfit... and what an ability in finding precious treasures with just a few pennies!

Bravo Sacramento!
And bravo Yael! Wonderful message to women!!!

wieczorama said...

uuii. dein blog ist toll,toll,toll.
kannst ja bei mir vill. auch mal gucken:)
und kurze Frage: Wie gefällt dir speziell mein jüngst gepostetes Foto?

wieczorama Fotoblog

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...what a daring and beautiful lady, from the tips of her indigo fingers to the tips of her boots...a free spirit!

Magia da Inês said...

º° ✿♥ ♫° ·. Muito simpática.
✿⊱╮Bom fim de semana!!!
°º♫ ✿⊱╮

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Very inspiring! It makes me want to take more time to put outfits together in unique and lovely ways. Thanks for the link to her blog. I will enjoy visiting!